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Why every man should do Yoga!

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

5 Yoga Myths BUSTED!!!

By Christine Dunworth

Mens ONLY Yoga Class is on every Monday at 8.15pm in YoGrá Yoga Studio Kilcock. Booking is open at Now

Myth 1

Yoga is only for Girls.

It sure is! But it’s for Boys too!!!Yoga really is for EveryBody and that includes the male variety. Did you know that the first yoga practitioners were all men??Women have only begun to practice yoga since it was introduced to the Western World in the late 70s!! Remember Jane Fonda in her shiny leotard, of course you do because no one had ever seen the likes before! But before that it was Indian Males.

Myth 2

I’m not Flexible.

You don’t need to be flexible to practice yoga. As long as you can breathe then that is the perfect place to begin. Flexibility comes after lots of practice, and some people are naturally more flexible than others. Those people you see in magazines or posters doing yoga are usually gymnast models or yoga practitioners who have been practicing for many years. The good news is that when you go along to a yoga class your more likely to be beside Jack from around the corner who can barely bend over than Russel Brand!!

Myth 3

Yoga is just stretching and chanting, right?

Wrong!! The physical practice of yoga might seem like just movements with the body, but then again so does say, dancing! Once you introduce the breath along with the movement and find the inner calm then it becomes a practice as opposed to just exercises. Most people will come to the mat in the hope of becoming fitter, stronger and calmer but the benefits of yoga are so much more than most other sports.

You might also realise after your first class that those stretches are not as easy as they seem as the challenge begins.

Myth 4

Its too easy and not an effective workout.

False!! Yoga can be whatever you want it to be. If your tired and need to rest then Restorative yoga is for you, if you are in need of a slow but challenging class then your off to Yin.

Vinyasa Flow yoga can range from a slow easy going to class to a high powered fitness class incorporating planks, push ups and handstands as well as the more traditional poses too. Ashtanga is a traditional yoga practice with a set sequence so each time you come to the mat it is the same. The more you practice the more you can challenge yourself. I have often had to mop the floor after certain classes!!! (You guys know who you are!)

Myth 5

Yoga will change your Life.

TRUE!! A regular yoga practice can bring about physical changes such as weight loss/maintenance, increased fitness levels, better muscle tone and definition, better sleep, calmer mind and of course increased sex drive!! Yes it’s true lads, yoga makes you sexy!!

So what are you waiting for, roll out that mat!!

And if your still not convinced then take a look at these celebrity Yogis!!

Colin Farrell

There was no yoga in Ballykissangel but once Mr. Farrell flew to tinsel town he discovered how to find the balance between stardom and keeping it real on his yoga mat. Keep an eye out for him around Dublin as he likes to keep his practice up when he is home visiting his mammy!

Russel Brand

Former drug addict Russell found yoga after a turbulent few years. He credits his daily practice as his source of inner calm and say he gets a real buzz from being on the mat!

Jon Bon Jovi

Rocker Jon has been practicing for many years and says he uses yoga and meditation to escape the busy rockstar lifestyle.

Matthew McConaughey

The fitness addict is often seen showing off his yoga moves on the beach!

David Beckham

Off the pitch David uses yoga to help focus his mind and strike balance in his life.

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