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To book your class you must first buy a pricing plan.

There are now more ways to book your classes at YoGrá Yoga Studio giving you more control and variety of which classes you can come to. We have introduced the 8 class pass which gives you 8 classes over 8 weeks . And with our jam packed timetable there are no excuses for missing your weekly practise.

Here is what to do:


Simply download the Fit by Wix App

Buy your pricing plan  below or in the App (its easier IMO) and choose our start date as the first day you intend to come to class, this is really important as the pass is only valid for 8 weeks and if you choose a date before this your pass will expire before the course ends!

Then you can book yourself into your classes using your pass.


You must ensure that if you want to come to the same class each week that you are booked in well in advance.


If you know you wont be around for one week, why not book two different classes the week after. You can use your credits as you choose, however class spaces are strictly limited to 12 so please ensure you are booked in before coming to class.

If you have booked a class and need to cancel you can only do so up to 24hrs before the class starts or you will loose that credit.

Your pricing plan is only valid for the 8 weeks from the 4th of September until the 29th October 2023. After that a new term begins and you must buy a new 8 week pass. Please do not ask to carry passes over or for two people to use the same pass as refusal may offend. 

Please read the full terms and conditions when booking before you tick the box.

September is a very busy time at the studio and unfortunately Christine will not be able to reply to everyone immediately if you make your booking incorrectly so please be patient and read this notice a few times if you are not sure. 

We look forward to welcoming you to class at YoGrá Yoga Studio!

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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