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Aliveness Kundalini Activation

Christine Dunworth

2 Jul 2022

Align and awaken


Welcome to this journey of remembering your innate aliveness. With Diana, as your guide, listen to your calling and immerse yourself in the passage of discovering the spirit. Begin a journey of awakening and stirring - through the medium of our embodied connection towards our innermost truth and purpose. Diana will gently lead you in recalling how to live your life to the fullest - and in the retrieving - of who you truly are. Aliveness Kundalini Activation is a journey of going beyond all that you think you knew - opening powerful portals of recreating yourself in alignment with your higher calling.

Aliveness Kundalini Activation is primarily predestined for spiritual maturing and advancing the process of self-development.

The Aliveness Kundalini Activation - has the power to evoke, amplify and support the integration of your own powerful life force energy - initiating growth that with continued sessions over time will expand and advance.

It is inspiring to hear of so many reports from journeys that profound transformations post their Aliveness Kundalini Activation.

It is vital that the work is approached from a zero-point perspective and in a state of absolutely no expectations or goals.

This activation only rises in the moment of the here and now - the requirement is to fully surrender to these inherent channels of evolution.

In this altered state of consciousness, sustained by our embodied connection and the fluidity of our life force emanating through all of our nadis - our true self is given recognition.

Through awakening this life force within - we begin our returning

-to the source- to the somatic knowing of our instinctual embodiment and all its capabilities and potentiality.

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