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7pm Meditation

8.15pm Men Only


7pm Accessible Yoga

8.15pm Flow Level 1-2


7pm Pregnancy Yoga

8.15pm Beginners Yoga


10am Morning Yoga

7pm Gentle Yoga

8.15pm Flow Level 1


9.30am Flow Mixed levels

7pm Restorative- once a month



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Lotus pose prayer hands

A simple,  supportive and wonderfully adaptive practice for all people  regardless of age, size, ability or experience. Christine teaches this class by breaking down the complex yoga poses into layers- you decide which option suits you! She demystifies breathing practices, meditation techniques and yoga teachings into clearly understandable and practical tools that you can use in your day to day life. Expect to feel more mobile, stronger,  balanced, stretched and fully relaxed after.

Standing pose tadasana

Awaken and align your body with this dynamic and often energetic class. Take time out for yourself in this moving meditation where Christine will guide you through fluid, purposeful movements which will strengthen, stretch and align your physical body so you can enjoy a long luxurious savasanna (relaxation) at the end. 

Christine teaches in layers so you get to choose the variation and intensity of the pose that suits you. Prepare to have fun and discover your playful side!!

  • Breathing techniques to soothe and calm the body and mind

  • Yoga poses that can be adapted to all bodies

  •  How to use yoga props to enhance your practice

  • Relaxation techniques that you can take off the mat and into your life

  • Suitable for all ages and abilities

  • Body positive

  • Move at your own pace, non competitive

Beginners Yoga Course

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